Effective Supervisory Practices

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Just completed Effective Supervisory Practices – QUTs (Queensland University of Technology) 5 week research training course, which is designed to guide Research Supervisors through the maze of issues associated with supervising PhD students in today’s research environment. Research supervisors have a huge responsibility for supporting students through to successful completion of their postgraduate studies. As a QUT Research Supervisor, it was great to have the opportunity to participate in such an interesting course, and good to share experiences and understandings with colleagues who are all working to support their students. The PhD is the summit of formal educational achievement all around the world, and working with so many supervisors and hearing all about the research that they are supervising was so interesting. Thanks to everyone for: sharing their interest in research and their appreciation of good practice and understanding of what constitutes a productive research environment. It was great to learn all about the repertoire of strategies that research supervisors are using; and I particularly enjoyed all of the late night advice, stories and well-wishes. It was great!


researchcrowdadminEffective Supervisory Practices