4G Whiz

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These days, we’ve been reading lots about new and emerging technologies and digital connection. One of the good news stories that we came across is about Aurukun (which is great news, especially given all the bad news stories in the media). The community is celebrating, 4G – style.

No longer will the community have to rely on radio transmission towers for mobile calls, use mobile internet and fixed data services. The Aurukun Shire Council, which operates a banking agency six days a week, said using radio transmission towers meant a single banking transaction could take as long as 45 minutes, and that’s when the internet connection didn’t drop out.

4G will change all of that. With 4G, the Aurukun community can rapidly connect to everyone, everywhere at top speed – family and friends, banking services, education services, employment services, health care services, and so much more. And, with 4G, users will be connecting at top speed.

Big CHEERS to everyone involved in making the Aurukun Fibre Optic Launch possible, and big CONGRATULATIONS to the Aurukun community, who are able to reap the benefits of speedy connections.  Gee whiz technology!

The original source for this story is First Nations Telegraph.

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