Aboriginal School Success Tied to Pride

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Congratulations to Wiradjuri and Gamilaroi woman Lynette Riley on her research, “Conditions of Success for Aboriginal Students” . Talking about her many years in Aboriginal education, and reporting on interviews she conducted with 123 Aboriginal students from four regional schools and three metropolitan schools across New South Wales, Ms Riley said, “We do need to focus on the problems and the gaps because there are a large number of students that aren’t getting through – but why aren’t we also looking at the kids that are doing well, and trying to work out the conditions supporting them, and how we can replicate that.” She went on to talk about the importance of cultural identity and a sense of pride in Aboriginality, and how that impacts success. Her study found success came out of a “host of factors, but in every single case, kids who were already performing well academically had a strong sense of who they were.” This finding is something that ResearchCrowd also learnt in its evaluation research for the Make It Count project; an Indigenous education initiative of the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers Inc. To learn more about Ms Riley’s study, check out the editorial by Darumbul woman, …

researchcrowdadminAboriginal School Success Tied to Pride

Ex-Gratia Payments for Stolen Generation

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Approximately 300 members of the Stolen Generation may be eligible for ex-gratia payments if a Generations Reparations Bill is passed in South Australia. State Liberal Leader Marshall sees the legislation as a significant step in ongoing reconciliation with Aboriginal people in SA, and acknowledges the policies of past governments caused emotional, physical and cultural harm to members of the Stolen Generations and their families. To learn more about how the Bill and how payments from the Victims of Crime Fund in SA may be used to pay dispute-free compensation to Aboriginal people, read freelance journalist and author Brian Johnstone’s article in the New Matilda.

researchcrowdadminEx-Gratia Payments for Stolen Generation

150 Members, 281 Certified Suppliers, and Growing!

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With 150 Members and 281 Certified Suppliers, and growing, Supply Nation (previously the AIMSC or the Australian Indigenous Minority Supplier Council) is Australia’s premier business-to-business membership body dedicated to growing diversity within the supply chain. Funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR), Supply Nation’s goal is to connect Australian corporate and government organisations with Indigenous business suppliers who are already achieving success or have the potential to develop into vibrant, vital businesses. Supply Nation aims to ensure that small to medium Indigenous businesses have the opportunity to be integrated into the supply chains of Australian companies and Government agencies.  To learn more about the work Supply Nation are doing to help the Australian Government achieve the requirements stated in the National Partnership Agreement of Indigenous Economic Participation, jump online and visit: http://www.supplynation.org.au/ .

researchcrowdadmin150 Members, 281 Certified Suppliers, and Growing!

Deadly Choices Campaign

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Deadly Choices ‏@DeadlyChoices  3h Big Deadly S/O 2 @dnellbk @JoshTweedie96 @ResearchCrowd @johnconlon27 thanks 4 the follow & support, so what’s your Deadly Choice? Thanks Deadly Choices for the invite to add to the growing list of ‘Deadly Choices’. ‘Deadly Choices’ is a campaign which aims to empower Indigenous people to make health choices for themselves and their families – to stop smoking, to eat good food and exercise daily – all deadly choices, and important choices for maternal and infant health and wellbeing. ‘Deadly Choices’ also encourages our people to access their local health service and complete a ‘Health Check’ – not just to see the Doctor when they are sick but visit their health service and access support to prevent or better manage their chronic disease and remain healthy. Focusing on the risk factors for chronic disease – smoking, physical activity and nutrition – is critical if we are going to ‘close the gap’ in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. It is smoking, poor nutrition and not enough physical activity that are the biggest contributors to chronic disease in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities – this is why we see high levels of diabetes, heart disease, lung and kidney disease in …

researchcrowdadminDeadly Choices Campaign

Vincent Lingiari Memorial Lecture Today

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The Vincent Lingiari Memorial Lecture is on at Charles Darwin University today! The Memorial Lecture commemorates the Wave Hill Station walk-off led by Vincent Lingiari with his Gurindji people and other groups in August 1966 as a significant act by those involved as it was a catalyst for Aboriginal people, not only in the Northern Territory but across Australia, to have their rights to traditional lands recognised and for those lands to be returned. The Vincent Lingiari Memorial Lectures have been running since 1996; definitely something to sing about 😉   

researchcrowdadminVincent Lingiari Memorial Lecture Today

Data, Data, Data

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Rigorous data is needed to back up claims that policies and practices are working in Indigenous programs for Indigenous people. hmmmm….. http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/2014/08/20/pearsons-grip-indigenous-policy-not-backed-evidence

researchcrowdadminData, Data, Data

Register for NACCHO Ochre Day 2014

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Brisbane – 21-22 August 2014. NACCHO Ochre Day is an important NACCHO Aboriginal male health initiative. To Register visit NACCHO.

researchcrowdadminRegister for NACCHO Ochre Day 2014

NAPLAN Literacy Results

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NAPLAN literacy results are reported to have slipped, with a number of students scoring a zero. Students were asked to write a persuasive piece using the prompt “which law or rule would you make better in your view”. However, the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) have since conceded that the question may have been confusing for some primary school students, and is currently investigating problems with the writing question. Maybe they should also investigate the marking system that they have in place. What happened to marks for trying? Just wonder how the students that sat the test felt on hearing they scored a zero, and what The Conversation will make of all this. For more information, http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/2014/08/18/naplan-literacy-results-slide  

researchcrowdadminNAPLAN Literacy Results

Today We Celebrate!

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Today we celebrate Vincent Lingiari!! Vincent Lingiari (1919?-1988), Aboriginal stockman and land rights leader, born at Victoria River Gorge in the Northern Territory, son of Gurindji parents. Employed on the 9000+ km² Vestey-owned cattle station, Wave Hill, at about 12 he was absorbed into the station to work at the stock camps, where cattle from the 80,000 herd were mustered, branded and drafted into mobs of 1200 bullocks to be driven to meatworks at Port Darwin. He became a head stockman at Wave Hill, but initially received no cash payment.  The first time he handled money was in about 1953 when he lined up with the other stockmen at the Negri River races and was given £5 pocket-money.  At the same time, he was becoming a highly respected Gurindji ‘law boss’. On 23 August 1966, Lingiari led two hundred of his people, employees of Wave Hill station, with their families, in a ‘walk-off’, demanding better pay and rations, and protection of the Aboriginal women.  The strike lasted last nine years, the longest in Australian history. In April 1967 the Gurindji sent a petition to the governor-general, R. G. (Lord) Casey, asking that their tribal land be returned to them so …

researchcrowdadminToday We Celebrate!

Be Quick

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Indigenous Allied Health Australia (IAHA) is holding a National Forum for allied health graduates and students and the wider allied health workforce from 24-27 November 2014 at the Hyatt Hotel in Canberra. Be Quick – Scholarships close Friday 15 August 2014. For more information see: IAHA  

researchcrowdadminBe Quick