Thinking about ‘We’

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Hmmmm….. just thought you’d like to know, in English, there is only one non-singular first person plural pronoun, ‘we’, to refer to collective or group membership.[1] However, over half the Indigenous languages of Australia (e.g., Torres Strait Island Kriol, Roper River Kriol)[2] and many languages of the world (e.g., Vietnamese, Chechen) make a distinction between the ‘inclusive’ and ‘exclusive’ varieties of ‘we’ (Dixon, 1980). First-person Inclusive Exclusive Duals You and I I and someone other than you Plurals You and I and one or more others I and two or more others, not including you Source: Demosthenous (2008) There are two separate duals – inclusive ‘you and I’ and exclusive ‘I and someone other than you’. And, there are two separate plurals – inclusive ‘you and I and one or more others’ and exclusive ‘I and two or more others, not including you. So, the dual system includes a maximum of two persons in the collective (i.e., the speaker and one other person), while the plural system includes more than two persons in a collective (i.e., the speaker and two or more persons).[3] This inclusive form refers to the inclusion of the addressee in the collection being established, whereas the ‘exclusive’ …

researchcrowdadminThinking about ‘We’

New Matilda on SBS’ First Contact

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An Aboriginal community featured in SBS’s First Contact series is unhappy with the way they were depicted, according to New Matilda journalist, Amy McQuire. Local media on the East Arnhem Land community of Galiwinku say the portrayal of their community on the recent SBS program First Contact has left locals shamed and upset those who opened their homes to the participants. The three-part program revolves around six non-Indigenous Australians who have previously had next to no contact with Aboriginal people, and aims to confront their racist and ignorant assumptions about First Peoples. Writing in the Galiwin’kupuy Dhawu: Community News from Elcho Island, Dwayne Garrawurra said: “Most locals were excited to see the show as they believed it would show the community and the family life that they are very proud of. However what they saw was a show that painted the ugly picture of the community and the land they belong to and love.” The second episode involved a visit to Elcho Island, where cast members stayed overnight in two homes to illustrate the chronic housing crisis in many remote communities. While there, cast members made several ignorant assumptions about their lives. “The whole room is full of mould, I …

researchcrowdadminNew Matilda on SBS’ First Contact

Aboriginal Women For Change on Facebook

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Just wanting to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to Aunty Alex Gater and all the wonderful women (and men) from Aboriginal Women For Change on Facebook! Aunty Alex (and Uncle Geoff) and the Aboriginal Women For Change team do a great job helping Indigenous men and women in Queensland who are in need. Aboriginal Women For Change: We are the child bearers, the nurturers, the carers. We are fulfilling the Dreams of our Women: our Mothers, our Grandmothers, our Great Grandmothers and our Aunties. Join with us, the ‘Aboriginal Women for Change’, and carry on their work. Aboriginal Women For Change says: It’s great to see our posts are reaching more and more ppl each day… Please feel free to posts up comments, or if you have anything to share… Maybe a meeting or a gathering or something on in the community… Post em up here…all welcome!

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