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Today is National Sorry Day; a time to remember the trauma in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and communities affected by the Stolen Generations policies.    


Indigenous Women Lead Indigenous Business

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These are exciting times in the Indigenous business sector in Australia! Supply Nation has recently appointed a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and a new peak beak representing the indigenous business sector has just been launched. While Indigenous chambers of commerce have been operating across the country for several years, they’ve recently come together on a national level to form the First Australians Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Interim Chairwoman of the First Australians Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Deb Barwick, said, “We’ve needed an advocacy group for many years and believe that now is the right time to come together to be a national voice for Indigenous suppliers across the nation”. This is great news for the Indigenous business sector, and for everyone at ResearchCrowd. We’re committed to being part of that national voice, and send heartfelt congratulations to the Chairwoman of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ms Deb Barwick, and to the new CEO at Supply Nation, Ms Laura Berry.  Indigenous women leading the Indigenous business sector! ResearchCrowd is a Certified Supplier with Supply Nation, and is pleased to have been working with the South East Queensland Indigenous Chamber of Commerce and Industry to promote and education …

researchcrowdadminIndigenous Women Lead Indigenous Business

Thousands March

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Thousands of people marched in Australia and around the world in protest against the proposed closure of remote communities in Western Australia. The protests follow on from comments made by Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion, who announced that “there may be no future for some remote Indigenous communities in Western Australia”, and in response to that announcement by the Western Australia’s Premier Colin Barnett, who revealed he plans to close up to 150 of the State’s “settlements“. (Hmm… interesting choice of word ‘settlement’ – and one that lends itself to comments made by Prime Minister Tony Abbott when he referred to living in remote communities as a ‘lifestyle choice‘. Premier Barnett has said, “no person will be forced from their community but the state will not be able to provide services across that many communities.” Yamatji Marlpa Aboriginal Corporation’s* Simon Hawkins said, [Aboriginal people] shouldn’t be treated as second-class citizens by virtue of the fact that ‘I’m going to close your community and remove you out of your home’ It’s very un-Australian to do that. The Premier hasn’t made any effort to consult or to turn that issue around, he’s just said sorry. I mean that’s just not good enough.” Check …

researchcrowdadminThousands March