Time To Vote: Congress Mob

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Just sitting reading Congress Mob News, and remembered it’s time to vote in the Co-Chair elections for Congress Mob! Our female nominees are: Amala Groom, Carla McGrath, Katie Kiss, and Jack Huggins. Our male nominees are: Les Malezer, Charles Prouse, Rod Little, and Tauto Sansbury. Voting opens Monday 28 September and closes Sunday 18 October.  

researchcrowdadminTime To Vote: Congress Mob

Congratulations Melissa

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Congratulations to Queensland University of Technology student Melissa Carey on the presentation of her Final Seminar of her PhD entitled, A Transformative Journey of Cultural recovery. Melissa has spent the past three years researching alternative, cultural forms of wellbeing which go beyond western ontologies of health and wellbeing. She has done this using Kaupapa Māori autoethnography, which is a first in Australia. We wish you well on the last leg of your thesis Melissa, and thank you for allowing ResearchCrowd to play a part in this important, cultural and academic journey. Melissa-Carey-draft-Final-Seminar-Flyer  

researchcrowdadminCongratulations Melissa