2016 Eureka Prizes

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WOW! Check out the showcase of discoveries and innovations by winners and finalists in the 2016 Australian Museum’s Eureka Prizes in research and innovation, leadership, science communication and school science. Regenerating kidneys, smart plastics, artificial memory cells, and so much more! http://australianmuseum.net.au/eureka

researchcrowdadmin2016 Eureka Prizes

Chris Matthews: Making Maths Count

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We really enjoyed listening and learning from Dr Christopher Matthews on ABC’s RN this morning. Chris is a well-respected expert in maths and numeracy, and one of the few Aboriginal people with a PhD in applied mathematics. Chris has a wealth of experience in matters that count! We have had the good fortune of working with Chris on his Make It Count project a few years back, which came out of the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers Inc. Congratulations Chris. You do us proud. If you’re interested in learning from one of the best, then click here.  

researchcrowdadminChris Matthews: Making Maths Count

Celebrating, Caring and Connecting with Children

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It’s National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day! What a great way to spend a day; celebrating, caring and connecting with children! Launched in 1988, the national non-government peak body in Australia, the Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care (SNAICC), have identified 8 priorities to represent the interests of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families. Support families to care for children Value and respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture Healing and reparations for the Stolen Generations Self determination in child protection Thrive by five with culture alive Real results take real planning Building capacity builds communities Hope, wealth and prosperity for our children. If you want to know more about the work of SNAICC, check out their website Aboriginal and Islander Children’s Day.

researchcrowdadminCelebrating, Caring and Connecting with Children

Australia’s First Indigenous Startup Weekend

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Shout out to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to let you know that Australia’s First Indigenous Startup Weekend is set to take place on the 26 – 28 August at The Edge, State Library of Queensland.  Australia’s First Indigenous Startup Weekend is a 54-hour event to help educate, support and empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in entrepreneurship. Check out their website for further information – http://www.up.co/communities/australia/brisbane/startup-weekend/9174  

researchcrowdadminAustralia’s First Indigenous Startup Weekend


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YAY!! NAIDOC!!! The theme for NAIDOC 2016 is Songlines: The living narrative of our nation. Songlines are recorded in traditional songs, stories, dance and art. They refer to the dreaming tracks that crisscross Australia and are intricate maps of land, sea and country. They carry important spiritual and cultural connection to knowledge, customs, ceremony and lore of many Aboriginal nations and Torres Strait Islander language groups. Songlines have been passed down for thousands of years, and it’s great to see that this year’s theme share this rich and significant knowledge with the world. Whatever you do this week, make sure you take time out to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ strong spiritual and cultural connection to land and sea and country.  


Calender Date: ATSIMA Conference

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Another big CONGRATULATIONS to ATSIMA, and especially the Chairperson, Dr Chris Matthews! ATSIMA is hosting a conference Sunday 30 October – Wednesday 2 November 2016. The conference targets people doing something valuable in the field, and invites interested parties to submit an abstract or paper for presentation at the conference. Visit Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Alliance at http://atsimanational.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network  

researchcrowdadminCalender Date: ATSIMA Conference

Susan Anne Hamilton

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Biggest CONGRATULATIONS to Susan Anne Hamilton – the first Torres Strait Islander and first Indigenous female Barrister to appear in the High Court of Australia. The case won a native title Regional Sea Claim giving Torres Strait Islanders commercial rights to the resources of the sea. The National Museum of Australia have set up a permanent exhibit of Susan on display. The caption in the display is a quote from Susan, which reads, “I am privileged and honoured to be the first Torres Strait Islander to appear as a barrister before the High Court, particularly on a matter relating to the Torres Strait Islander beliefs and rights that affect all Torres Strait Islanders, including all of my family, my children and my grandchildren “. Susan is also a Co-Founder of ResearchCrowd, and currently works as the CEO at Aboriginal Family Legal Services Southern Queensland. What a remarkable woman!

researchcrowdadminSusan Anne Hamilton

National CloseTheGap Day

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March 17th is Australia’s National Close the Gap Day. While there have been some improvements in the decade of the national push to close the gap, much more needs to be done to close the gap between non-Indigenous and Indigenous Australians and reduce disadvantage across key indicators.  If you’re interested to learn about where we’re at in terms of closing the gap, read Closing the Gap: Prime Minister’s Report 2016. And, see what the Close the Gap Campaign Steering Committee have to say, in their report Close the Gap – Progress and Priorities Report 2015, which was funded and managed by Oxfam Australia. There are also lots of articles and news stories from some of our senior Indigenous leaders and organisations, so make sure to check out NITV. Remember, if you know of any activities that are on in your local community and want to promote them, it’s not to late to post the info online on the Close the Gap Facebook page! Let’s all get behind closing the gap, and work together to make sure that our future is one in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have the same opportunity as other Australians to live the Australian dream!    

researchcrowdadminNational CloseTheGap Day

First Nations Telegraph

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I’ve been reading lots of interesting articles in the online publication, First Nations Telegraph, like the one about an Indigenous designer turning plastic bottles into clothing (29 February, 2016).  That article talks about TJ Cowlishaw, a young woman of Bardi and Chinese descent who is combining dead-stock denim and other products, including a type of polyester made from recycled plastic bottles, to create items of clothing. TJ is a big HIT on the international fashion stage, and is one of many young enterprising Indigenous women going global. Sadly though, there are lots of not-so-feel-good stories that First Nations Telegraph publish. If you’re interested in reading any of their editorials or subscribing to their paper, click here. Source: This cartoon belongs to First Nations Telegraph. We hope they won’t mind us using it, as we’re keen to showcase the great work they do.

researchcrowdadminFirst Nations Telegraph