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ResearchCrowd is connected to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from diverse urban, rural and remote community locations. We draw on the expertise of local community to deepen our knowledge of their country and customs. Our role in the remote Torres Strait Islands offers an example of the way we work – with, and in, community – bringing together the different parties. We are helping to strengthen positive relationships between different people and changing the way people think and do Indigenous research. We are keen to improve the ethical integrity of engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and to building collaborative communities. Contact Dr Hellene Demosthenous to find out how you can be part of our collaborative communities’ initiatives.

SNAPSHOT: Collaborative Communities: Boigu Island, Rotary Club of Southport North, ResearchCrowd

Approximately 300 residents live on Boigu Island in the Torres Strait: one of the most remote regions of Australia, and one battles rising seas that flood the low-lying, mangrove island.

After the project was completed, we authored a book – Boigu Island: Out of Sight: Out of Mind – to introduce our community driven, social action research project. The book sheds light on the challenges facing this community, who often missing out when it comes to their share of the nation’s wealth and resources. Profits from sales of the book go to the Boigu Island community.

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