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ResearchCrowd is pleased to have been invited to work in collaboration with Aboriginal Family Legal Services Southern Queensland (AFLSSQ). 

AFLSSQ is an Indigenous run charitable organisation providing legal services and support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families affected by domestic and family violence in Southern Queensland. The area they cover is immense, and diverse. The region measures 405,671.3 square kilometres, and covers: Charleville, Cherbourg, Cunnamulla, Goondiwindi, Mitchell, Murgon, Quilpie, Roma, and St George; and surrounding communities. The region comprises 13,881 Indigenous people, which makes up 4.9 per cent of all residents in the Region, compared with 3.6% for Queensland. The region includes Australia’s second most disadvantaged Local Government Area, Cherbourg Shire LGA, whose entire population (100%) is in the most disadvantage quintile. Also, the Region’s Indigenous population has a young age structure, with large portions of younger people and small proportions of older people. Note the Region is home to the highest proportion of Indigenous children (aged 0-14 years) and young people (aged 15-24 years) in Australia. We urge you to get behind this important service and its people, who are tireless champions of legal advocacy and support for so many! 

Please note that the photo above belongs to Aboriginal Family Legal Services Southern Queensland


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