A few things you might like to know about our services 


  • We offer research, evaluation and consulting services to government, non-government, business and community clients.
  • We draw on our cultural authority, doctoral-level qualifications and 10+ years experience.
  • We adopt a unique co-designed, collaborative approach to unlock understanding, challenge conventional thinking and establish reliable facts.
  • We apply conventional and creative methods to design our research, evaluation and consulting services.
  • We use qualitative and/or quantitative data collection techniques. Quantitative techniques condense data to see the big picture, while qualitative methods enhance data to see key aspects in detail. We often use qualitative and quantitative methods to complement each other to present balanced, consistent and credible analysis and information.
  • We apply appropriate levels and units of analysis to our investigations. A level of analysis is a theoretical explanation on a continuum from the micro level (e.g., individual processes) to the macro level (i.e., structural aspects of society). The unit of analysis refers to the type of unit that is being measured (e.g., the person, programme, policy, practice).
  • We disseminate our findings in comprehensive and concise reports, and interactive and engaging presentations, using traditional and new media platforms, formats and techniques.
  • We always work in close, participatory collaboration with our clients and communities.
  • We provide professional, quality services that grounded in ethical integrity.
  • We are Supply Nation Certified Suppliers in Australia. And, we enjoy strong social legitimacy!

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